1112, 2018

Good News for Milton in the 2018 Fall Economic Statement

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On November 21st the federal Liberal government released the 2018 Fall Economic Statement revealing good news for middle class Canadians.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivered the statement to the House of Commons and attributed the strong and growing economy to the hard work of Canadians. Mr. Morneau was also optimistic about new opportunities through businesses making smart investments that would create jobs across Canada. As one of Ontario’s fastest growing communities, this could be great news for Milton. The Accelerated Investment Incentive will support investments of various businesses that will stimulate economic growth and jobs for the middle class. The Strategic Innovation Fund includes $800 million over 5 years to further support business innovation across the country. There are also plans to modernize federal regulations to encourage businesses growth, which could also result in more jobs.

The Liberal government also reported positive statistics on Canada’s economy including: the strongest economic growth amongst the G7 countries in 2017; fastest growing economy in 2018 and the same projected for 2019; wage growth is outpacing inflation; and, unemployment is at a 40 year low.

According to a statement by Mr. Morneau on the Department of Finance website, there continues to be good news because of Canada’s economy, “Across the country, a strong and growing middle class is driving economic growth, creating new jobs and more opportunities for people to succeed. This Fall Economic Statement is about growing the economy by investing in middle class jobs, helping Canadian businesses compete, and continuing to deliver real progress for the middle class. With the new measures in the Statement, and the continued hard work of Canadians, the Government is building an economy that works for everyone.”

With Milton’s diverse and growing demographics, many residents are encouraged by the recent economic statement. Azim Rizvee, long time resident and 2015 Federal Liberal candidate, says this is the result of the real change that the Trudeau Liberals promised three years ago, “it is abundantly clear that this government is exactly what our country needs,” said Mr. Rizvee, “as we gear up for another federal election, I am working hard to remind my neighbours that a Liberal government is the clear choice for Milton.” Mr. Rizvee is once again campaigning for the Federal Liberal candidacy in Milton for the 2019 election.

There were many initiatives announced by Mr. Morneau during the Fall Economic Statement, and so far there is good news for middle class families throughout Canada.

712, 2018

Halton Regional Council Kicks Off a New Term

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A few months after the municipal election, the inaugural meeting of the Halton Regional Council took place on December 5th to officially kick off the 2018-2022 term.

Prior to the meeting, the regional councillors and chair were sworn into office, followed by opening remarks by Gary Carr, Halton Regional Chair. Serving in his fourth term, Mr. Carr congratulated the councillors on their election and reiterated the region’s strong foundation, “97% of residents are satisfied with the quality of Regional services and 98% rate their quality of life as very high.” said Mr. Carr. “I am confident that we will build on the Region’s past achievements and keep Halton a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire for years to come.” He continued by highlighting some of the region’s latest investments and initiatives, including: maintaining the region’s credit rating; assisted housing opportunities; Community Safety and Well-being Plan; attracting business investments to create new jobs; and, maintaining property taxes at the inflation rate. There was significant attention to fiscal integrity for the new term. In particular, the Chair expressed concern for young people, seniors and businesses. Homes ownership will be unattainable for young people, and businesses won’t want to come to Halton if taxes are too high. According to Mr. Carr, keeping taxes at the rate of inflation is part of the strategic business plan. He also pointed out some issues raised by residents, including: traffic congestion, infrastructure, roads, growth and development. Mr. Carr was very confident that these concerns would be addressed within the new term.

There are a number of residents and stakeholders that are looking forward to supporting the returning and new councillors and mayors within the region. Azim Rizvee, Milton businessman and 2015 Federal Liberal candidate, continues to express his desire to work with all levels of government, “I have consistently worked with local and provincial partners to bridge the gap and unite for the common good of our community,” said Mr. Rizvee. “As we look ahead to the future, I am confident that I can work with the Halton Regional Council to support positive initiatives that will have an impact both now, and for generations to come.”

The boundaries for the Halton electoral district were redrawn by Elections Canada in 2014 and the new riding became “Milton”. Mr. Rizvee was nominated as Milton’s first Federal Liberal candidate in 2015 and he is one of two contestants campaigning for the 2019 LPC candidacy. The federal election is scheduled for October 21, 2019.
The inaugural Regional Council meeting concluded by a general review of the drafting process for the 2019-2022 Strategic Business Plan. Videos of this meeting (as well as subsequent meetings) and related documentation are available for viewing online at: www.halton.ca

2011, 2018

New $10 Vertical Bill Features an Iconic Canadian Woman

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It was a historic day for Canada as the new $10 vertical bill featuring civil rights icon Viola Desmond entered circulation on November 19.

Once again the Canadian government is breaking new ground by adding an African-Canadian woman on a banknote. Viola Desmond was a successful business owner arrested when she refused to leave a whites-only area of a movie theatre in Glasgow, N.S. in 1946. While waiting for her car to be repaired one evening she went to a nearby movie theatre, but Desmond was unaware the main floor was only for white customers. When she refused the request of the staff to go up to the balcony, the police were called. She was later charged with defrauding the Government of Nova Scotia since there was a difference in price for the main floor and balcony sections. There was a one cent difference in price, but Desmond was fined $20. Sixty-three years later the government of Nova Scotia officially apologized and granted a pardon in the presence of her surviving family.

Earlier this year, Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz unveiled the vertical banknote during a ceremony at the Halifax Central Library. In a statement, the Finance Minister reiterated the importance of equality throughout Canada, “we hope this constant reminder of Viola’s story will help inspire a new generation of women, men, girls and boys to fight for what they believe, take their place and create a better future for themselves and all Canadians,” On the first day of circulation, Desmond’s 91-year-old sister, Wanda Robson, said she was grateful and happy for the historic moment.

Canadians from across the country are applauding the government for featuring a woman on a regular circulating banknote. MinMaxx co-founder and 2015 federal Liberal candidate (Milton), Azim Rizvee, also expressed how pleased he was about this historic day, “as a father of an ambitious young lady, it is encouraging to see our government giving such high honors to a courageous Canadian woman,” Azim said. “This is another testament to our government’s dedication to equality for all, regardless of gender or race.”

There was a special ceremony on November 19th at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg to commemorate the first day of circulation. Robson planned to use the new $10 bill toward a book she co-authored with Cape Breton University professor Graham Reynolds about her sister’s civil rights journey.

1611, 2018

Residents Still Fuming About Funding Cancellation for Milton University Campus

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Politicians and community members continue to speak out against the recent cancellation of funding for post-secondary campuses in Milton, Brampton and Markham. On October 23, the Ontario Conservative government announced it cannot provide funding for the university expansions due to the provincial deficit.

Reaction to the recent cancellation announcement made by the provincial government continues to mount. MinMaxx CEO and 2015 Federal Liberal Milton candidate, Azim Rizvee, has been among the many residents voicing concern and disappointment. “Education and skills development are essential to our community,” Mr. Rizvee said, “I’ve met so many fellow Milton residents that have expressed concern about access to quality education, so this announcement is a step in the wrong direction.” As one of the six founding partners of the Milton Education Village Innovation Centre, Mr. Rizvee said establishing a university in Milton was a key component in promoting growth through education. With his hat in the ring for the 2019 Federal Liberal nomination for Milton, Mr. Rizvee vows to keep this issue at the forefront, “As I did in my last campaign, I will continue to put Milton first by making our voices heard loud and clear on this vital issue.”

According to their website, Wilfred Laurier University’s new campus was scheduled to be in the heart of the Milton Education Village. Situated along the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor, the university believes it is an ideal location to stimulate economic growth. The university has been in talks with the Town since 2008, and plans were well under way when the funding announcement was made. In a statement issued by the university, they expressed their deep disappointment by the sudden news to cancel the new campus in Milton.

The university said they look forward to their continued work with the Town and area partners “to explore all options for keeping the dream of post-secondary education alive in this vibrant community.”

1311, 2018

Rent-to-Own: Is it worth it?

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For some families, there are many factors that hinder their ability to purchase their first home. Needless to say financial challenges are at the top of the list. Potential home buyers are often enticed with rent-to-own (RTO) options to help achieve their dreams. But, is it worth it in the long run?

According to a recent article in the Financial Post, choosing the rent-to-own option could make it less affordable to actually own a home. There is one belief that promotes this option as an affordable alternative for those with credit issues or having difficulty coming up with the down payment. According to the article, rent-to-own options are not simplistic and prospective buyers should be aware of what’s involved in this process.

A rent-to-own contract typically will list the future purchase price and date of property transfer. Renters may like this option because the price appears to be locked in. However, these new home owners may encounter higher interest rates in the future. The “loan-to-value” will cause their interest rate to increase. And, since the price is locked in, it still won’t change if the market price of the house goes up or down. In addition, the rent will be more than a normal rental property since a portion is allocated to the purchase price. Even before the property is transferred over, the renter will be responsible for the maintenance. So, it’s imperative for prospective buyers to understand the terms of their agreement prior to making any commitments.

Every family’s situation is unique and there should never be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Above all, your financial situation must be carefully considered when making investment decisions. Purchasing your first home doesn’t have to be a daunting process; and, you don’t have to compromise your finances to make your dreams come true. Since 2006 Azim Rizvee and the MinMaxx team have helped thousands of families achieve peace of mind while finding their new home. Do you have questions about buying or selling? We’re here to help, so contact us to get all your questions answered! Phone: 416-264-1111/Toll Free: 1-888-MIN-MAXX or Email: [email protected]

1011, 2018

CMHC Study Reveals New Home Owners Exceeding Budget

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How far are you willing to extend yourself for your dream home? If you’re like many new Canadian home owners you might be at the end of your financial rope. According the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), many home buyers are going to the end of their budget to buy their first property.

CMHC recently issued the findings of their annual mortgage consumers study that contained interesting data on purchasing trends. 85% of new home buyers spend as much as financially possible on their first home. 76% remain confident they will not default on their mortgage regardless of the cost. In addition, 60% of new buyers plan on using other assets if they have financial difficulties. Since the inception of this study in 1999, CMHC says housing affordability is most vital to all home buyers. The study also considers other factors, such as the property’s location and condition. Despite their confidence with their purchase, most home owners are still worried about unexpected costs and increasing interest rates. Regardless of the uncertainty, and additional mortgage rules, homebuyers are remaining positive. 80% of home buyers surveyed said purchasing a home is a good long-term financial investment. 60% believe that their property’s value would increase over the next 12 months.

Over 4000 new home owners participated in this particular online survey earlier this year. While this is an interesting snapshot of first time home buyers, it does not necessarily reflect all Canadians. Gaining knowledge of the real estate market and related trends is a great way to stay informed and make wise decisions. At MinMaxx, our team of experts can help you find the right property, at the right price. MinMaxx co-founder and CEO, Azim Rizvee, understands the peace of mind that comes with your first home purchase. Helping others achieve the dream of home ownership is a key driver to our business. It is the very reason why Mr. Rizvee launched MinMaxx in 2006 and continues to help make dreams become a reality.

Our experienced real estate professionals are ready to help you, every step of the way. Give us a call or send us an email to get started today. Phone: 416-264-1111/Toll Free: 1-888-MIN-MAXX or Email: [email protected]

811, 2018

Managing Real Estate Profits with Aging Parents

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You’ve worked hard, raised your children, paid off your home and retirement is in full view. For many retirees downsizing tends to be the next step.

Empty nesters may not want to live in a large house and their adult children are likely settled into their own homes. It is not uncommon for this aging population to sell their house, downsize and enjoy the profits of their investment. It is also quite common for aging parents to share the wealth with their grown children as they make their way through the working world as their parents once did. However, seniors facing health challenges will largely rely on their retirement funds to further support them. In a recent article in The Globe and Mail, certified financial planners emphasized the need to assess your risks. According to the article, if the home sale is less than a $1-million, it is recommended to invest the money in exchange-traded funds or other low-cost mutual funds or pooled investments. A certified financial analyst is recommended if there’s more than $1-million from a home sale to find the best bargains for equities and to manage the portfolio over the long term. This is especially important since many adult children make the assumption that their parent’s investments are automatically theirs. In particular, the profits from a family home can become a contentious issue among siblings; so, it’s important that intentions are clear sooner, rather than later.

It’s also important to stay updated with the current real estate trends and statistics regardless of your future plans. Life is uncertain and our needs change with the seasons of our lives. It is vital to consider how your quality of life will be impacted by your property investments, both now and in the future. It’s great to think that you’ll have a lovely retirement nest egg, but if you don’t fully understand your mortgage and your finances, retirement may not be as desirable. Once again the tried and true personal philosophy of Azim Rizvee, Founder and CEO of MinMaxx, remains relevant: think big, start small, and act fast.

Do you have questions about your real estate investment? Give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to help, so contact us today! Phone: 416-264-1111/Toll Free: 1-888-MIN-MAXX or Email: [email protected]

511, 2018

New Report Reveals Real Estate Trends of Modern Families

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For the first time, a Canadian study has been conducted and revealed what young families really want and think when it comes to home ownership. If you’re between 20-45 years old with a young family, chances are you prefer to live in a detached single family home. According to a study commissioned by Mustel Group and Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, single family home ownership is on the rise contrary to urban myths that say otherwise.

The report also revealed that young urban families would prefer living in a detached home if it was within their budget. Fewer actually prefer “high density” homes such as duplex, triplex or multiplex units. However, a considerable amount of young families have purchased a detached home. Unfortunately, the report also revealed that some young families have given up on the dream of single family home ownership due to increased costs. Although, other families are still holding out hope and plan to buy a home in the city centre while the remainder plans to buy outside of the city.

This report is the result of an online survey that included 1,743 families within the Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Half of the adults surveyed are Millennial homeowners and the others are the younger group of Generation X.

The following is a snapshot of Toronto according to this report:

  • 82% of young Toronto families would prefer buying a single family home if there were no budget constraints. Actual home ownership is balanced at 50% for both single family homes and higher density options. 34% purchased an attached unit and 16% own a condominium.


  • 42% of modern family homeowners have lost hope in buying a single family home. 38% are still hoping to buy a single family home.


  • 19% of young families prefer buying a condominium or attached (including duplex/triplex/multiplex homes) if finances were not an issue.


  • The top two priorities for families purchasing a home: value per square foot and move-in readiness.


  • Toronto homeowners are the most satisfied, compared to those in other cities. 95% of modern families are “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with their home purchase, regardless of challenges or compromises.


  • Young Toronto families are the most confident in the real estate market compared to other major markets. 83% believe their home investment will outperform or match their financial investments over the next 5 years; and, 55% believe real estate gains will outperform their financial investments.

This report reveals some interesting trends that give the real estate market a better understanding of modern families. This further solidifies the importance of giving families value for their money and helping them find what they want.

From its inception, MinMaxx has taken pride in providing the full service and backing of our entire team to make home ownership evolve from a dream to a reality. MinMaxx founder and CEO, Azim Rizvee’s philosophy: think big, start small, and act fast has helped our team sell over 2500 units within 8-12 years. Our expertise and experience help us to understand the market and trends. But, our commitment to making your home ownership dreams come true is our priority.  

Whether you’re just getting into the market or ready to make the next move, the MinMaxx team of realty experts can make it happen. Contact us today! Phone: 416-264-1111/Toll Free: 1-888-MIN-MAXX or Email: [email protected]

607, 2015

Very honoured to receive the endorsement of Oakville Mayor Rob Burton.

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Rob Burton

2706, 2015

Former Halton MPP Walter R. Elliot Endorses Azim Rizvee

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